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Save Toad

Bowser commanded Wart to kidnap your friend Toad. Now you defeat Wart and to rescue Toad. Collect all the coins to reveal the star in each level, jump on the trigger to remove the protecting wall and grab the star to complete each level.

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11 Responses to Save Toad

  1. ahh the stupid mushroom got me

  2. adila says:

    hey ,the dashing mushroom got me ? o la la

  3. tamtc says:

    Thiis is dumb dont get ihd !

  4. emily and domo are married says:

    hey well this game is pretty good but its morre like ok lol that mushroom just wont stop gettin me!!:D

  5. mastergame_1012 says:

    this is really easy ya here some tips always step on the enemies like the gooba mushroom (brown)

  6. mastergame_1012 says:

    buy this game on wii play station and ds

  7. i play games and have game tutorios check it out

    ps. its not for this

  8. nicki says:

    the game was awesome only got killed 3 times

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